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Humans in Space

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Life Sciences Glovebox
Humans In Space

The Life Sciences Glovebox (LSG) is a sealed work area in the ISS that provides bioisolation and waste control. Crew members can perform experimental procedures in cell, insect, aquatic, plant, and animal developmental biology. Habitats attach to the LSG in a manner that prevents any exchange of biological material between the cabin and Glovebox.

Two crew members can use the LSG work space at the same time by means of gloves that extend into the work area. The enclosed volume of the Glovebox will be about one-half cubic meter (approximately 18 cubic feet), with a work volume depth of 61 cm and a work volume height of 77 cm. The unit comes complete with a vacuum cleaner, a video monitor, two video cameras, and internal illumination, including two spotlights. Temperatures inside the LSG will be regulated to 18-27ºC (+/-1ºC).

Lifew Sciences GloveboxAs air circulates through the workspace, activated charcoal filters will continuously clean it by absorbing chemicals that may be present. In addition, a high-efficiency air filter will remove particles and aerosols.

The LSG can be used with Laboratory Support Equipment - including the Bar Code Reader, the Incubator, Cryosystem Vial Freezer (a -180ºC freezer, accessed through the Habitat Access Door), and the Passive Dosimeter (which can be located inside the work volume of the LSG to measure biologically active space radiation during an experiment) - as well as with experiment-generic equipment, tools, and sample kits.