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OMEGA Research Team Member
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Sasha Tozzi

Dr. Sasha Tozzi’s research interests include phytoplankton ecology and photophysiology, environmental forcing and regulation of aquatic phytoplankton primary production. In addition, Sasha has expertise in photosynthesis biophysics with a main interest in studies based on fluorescence bioassays. Sasha’s research explores the effects of temperature, nutrients and pCO2 on phytoplankton species and assemblages' photosynthesis, by using custom-designed and built chemostats, photobioreactors and Fast Repetition Fluorometers (FRRF). Sasha is a post-doctoral researcher at UCSC and coordinates OMEGA’s team daily activities at the study sites; he contributes to several OMEGA project tasks and experiments and by assisting Dr. Kolber in the development of a multi-spectral FRRF. The FRRF is used to monitor microalgal photophysiology and helps to optimize their growth in the OMEGA photobioreactors, making the whole system more efficient. He also trains OMEGA personnel on FRRF and other methodologies and instrumentation. He assisted in photobioreactor and system control design, implementation and evaluation.