Planetary Rover 3D Scanner
Ames 3D Scanner on K9 RoverAmes 3D Scanner on K9 Rover

Another version of the Ames High-Speed 3D Scanner was developed for the Planetary Rover Program to study and improve the instrument placement accuracy of a rover arm. The new scanner was integrated into the K9 Rover at NASA Ames and demonstrated in a field test. In this test the rover team successfully identified and placed an instrument on a rock face with 1 mm accuracy, a significant improvement over their existing technology (stereo vision). Currently, members of the intelligent robotics group at Ames are researching the use of this scanner as an obstacle avoidance sensor for K10 rovers. This supports a new program to drive a vehicle in the permanently shadowed lunar craters.

K9 Rover moves Champ microscope closeK9 Rover moves Champ microscope close Comparison of 3D Scanner image (left) & Stereo Vision image (right)Comparison of 3D Scanner image (left) and Stereo Vision image (right)