Visiting Ames

Picture of the exploration center at NASA Ames Research Center.
NASA Exploration Center

Visitors are welcome to view exhibits from NASA Ames Research Center.

    Welcome to the home of the Ames High–Speed 3D Scanner
    Winner of NASA's Invention of the Year 2008 and the R&D100 Award for 2009!

    We design and develop 3D Vision Systems for NASA applications using our patented high-speed, real-time 3D processing engine.


  • Hand-held MILT Thumbnail Image

    Wireless Mold Impression Laser Tool (MILT)

    A small 3D scanning device called the Mold Impression Laser Tool or (MILT) optically scans surfaces for flaws and sends the resultant data to a computer via a wireless connection.

  • Robot Arm with 3D Scanner

    3D Robot Scanner

    The Ames High-Speed 3D Scanner has been synergized with a commercial robot arm to create a large area robot scanner.

  • ArcJet Scanner Thumbnail Image

    ArcJet 3D Scanner

    The ArcJet 3D Scanner allows researchers to generate complete 3D digital models of thermal protection material samples before and after reentry condition simulations.

  • K9 Rover Thumbnail Image

    Planetary Rover 3D Scanner

    The Ames High-Speed 3D Scanner creates high-resolution 3D maps of planetary terrain for accurate instrument placement. It also has excellent near to mid-range 3D vision for various robotic applications such as collision avoidance.