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NASA Advanced Supercomputer
At the heart of NAS' exceptional supercomputing capabilities are the resources and expertise to ensure the availability of vital assets shared by multiple NASA mission organizations.

We use the maximum computing power available to solve large problems in the shortest amount of time — often helping solve problems of a size or complexity that were previously impossible or impractical to work out. Pleiades

Among the essential capabilities we provide to agency IT, science, and engineering projects are:

  • Petaflops-class supercomputing systems and mass data storage, with expertise in development and deployment of specialized, production IT systems, tools, and technologies for NASA mission applications.
  • Large-scale modeling and simulations, and expertise in advanced computational analyses, to support critical NASA engineering applications and decisions.
  • Expert application optimization to enhance code performance of high-end computing applications of interest to agency projects and missions, and to improve user productivity.
  • Advanced data analysis and visualization technologies, displays, and software to enhance engineering decision support and scientific discovery.
  • End-to-end high-performance networks to meet the massive modeling and simulation data distribution and access requirements of geographically dispersed users.
  • Expertise in IT security to protect NASA information and IT assets.
  • Extensive infrastructure support model to quickly and cost-effectively set up and maintain secure system environments for NASA projects.
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