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Entry Systems & Technology Division

Mission: For more than 50 years, we have been providing innovative thermal protection solutions for entry vehicles and other hypersonic systems, enabling successful (re-)entry for scores of NASA missions and other missions of National importance.

arc-jet-testImage credit: NASA Ames

The Entry Systems & Technology Division at NASA Ames Research Center develops aeroshell technology from concept to hardware as an integral part of planetary atmospheric entry systems. An aeroshell protects a spacecraft from the severe aerothermal environments experienced during hypersonic atmospheric flight and includes the external thermal protection systems (TPS), the supporting substructure, and TPS instrumentation.

Division engineers, implements and manages all aspects of aeroshell design and development through: analysis to predict the aerothermal environments; development of TPS materials tailored to the environments; arc jet testing to verify the performance; and systems level integration of the aeroshell with the reentry vehicle.

With a rich history of accomplishments in entry systems technology development and the unique capabilities of high-enthalpy test facilities, the Entry Systems & Technology Division offers an unparalleled level of performance and responsiveness to the space flight community guaranteeing mission success.

The Entry Systems Division is made up of four branches

  • Aerothermodynamics Branch
  • Thermo-Physics Facilities Branch
  • Thermal Protection Materials and Systems Branch
  • Entry Systems and Vehicle Development Branch
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