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Entry Systems and Vehicles Development Branch
hiad test model being prepared for wind tunnel testing Image credit: NASA Ames
The Entry Systems and Vehicle Development Branch (TSS) is responsible for performing and coordinating systems level / integration for existing and future atmospheric entry vehicles. The TSS branch’s primary role is the direct application of technologies and capabilities to analyze, design, develop, test, evaluate, manufacture, certify, and operate atmospheric entry vehicles and systems. To facilitate the development of entry systems, the TSS branch performs systems level thermal performance, thermal-structural performance, induced and natural environment performance, and manufacturing assessments. TSS pursues all phases of entry systems and vehicle development from early conceptual and preliminary design, through detailed design, qualification and acceptance, to final certification, systems production and operations. A core capability of the TSS branch is the systems analysis and systems engineering, including: requirements development, risk and reliability assessments, configuration management, and verification and validation.