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Ann Sullivan                                                                            May 24, 2004

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.                                       

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Stan C. Newberry has been named the new deputy director of NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. In late July, Newberry will suceed G. Allen Flynt, who is returning to NASA's Johnson Space Center to head the Mission Operations Directorate following one year of service as the Ames deputy.

Newberry comes to Ames from the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC), located at the Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. As manager of the Management and Technical Support Office, he was instrumental in establishing the new organization and developing partnerships with experts from NASA, industry, academia and other federal agencies. The NESC is a key NASA initiative in the efforts to return the Space Shuttle to safe flight while strengthening and expanding NASA's overall safety, mission assurance and engineering disciplines to all agency programs.

"Stan's leadership and expertise have proven invaluable in getting NASA's new NESC up and running in an efficient, effective and timely manner," said Dr. J. Victor Lebacqz, associate administrator of the Office of Aeronautics at NASA Headquarters. "His diversity of management expertise and experience will prove very useful to our colleagues at Ames."

"Stan brings a strong management background to Ames with proven experience at a number of agency field centers, NASA Headquarters and with other organizations," added G. Scott Hubbard, NASA Ames director. "I am delighted that Stan is joining our Ames senior management team. We all look forward to welcoming him and having him work with us in shaping the future of what we believe is NASA's premier research center."

Newberry began his NASA career at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida after transferring from the Department of Defense. He quickly advanced and was assigned to NASA Headquarters in 1990 where he served on numerous re-engineering teams and held several key positions, including director of the Resources and Management Office for the Office of Life and Microgravity Sciences and Applications Enterprise.

In that capacity, he managed a $500 million annual budget to conduct research and build hardware for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. While at NASA Headquarters, Newberry was selected by the NASA Administrator to implement science institutes across the country to enable privatization of NASA research activities. In addition, he served on the space station redesign team.

In 1996, Newberry transferred to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and served as director of space operations until August 2001. He was responsible for consolidation, commercialization and overall functional management of space networks, command and control facilities, operational data processing, and planning and telecommunications systems. He oversaw a workforce of more than 3,000 civil servants and contractor employees and an annual budget that exceeded $700 million.

In 2001, Newberry established the NASA Resident Office in Colorado Springs and served as the NASA representative to the HQs Air Force Space Command (AFSPC).  His primary responsibility included coordinating and expanding NASA and AFSPC cooperation. During that time, Newberry facilitated and led a number of collaborative efforts between NASA and the Department of Defense.

Newberry earned masters degrees in computer science and business from Colorado Technical University and the University of Central Florida, respectively.  He completed the Harvard University Senior Managers in Government program and has received the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal. 

Newberry and his wife Teresa plan to live in the local community surrounding the NASA Ames Research Center.  News media representatives wishing to interview NASA Ames Research Center Director G. Scott Hubbard or Deputy Director Stan Newberry should call the NASA Ames Public Affairs Office at 650/604-9000 to schedule an interview. A biography of Stan C. Newberry is available at:



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