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Victoria Steiner                                                                                         April 28, 2004    

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

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NASA software created to help scientists search and organize their research documents is now available to the general public to help organize complex computer data. 

Originally developed at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., NETMARK software has been licensed by Black Tulip Systems Corp., San Jose, Calif., to make this tool available to people and organizations that need rapid searching of computer networks and systems.

"NETMARK combines the best practices of computer program modeling to support complex data creation," said David Lackner of the Technology Partnerships Division at NASA Ames. "It takes advantage of the object-relational database model using very efficient keyword searches spanning both content and context," Lackner said.

This program, originally designed to manipulate NASA's vast amounts of unstructured and semi-structured documents, has been enhanced by Black Tulip Systems to aid law enforcement investigators and regulation compliance personnel to search, store, manage and retrieve documents more efficiently.

"This product provides more robust search tools. The increased speed will bring important evaluations to a faster conclusion," said Black Tulip Systems' President and CEO Ted Munnich.

The software can be installed either on a network server or on a single workstation. Intended for use by independent auditors, attorney generals, prosecutors and other investigators needing to search computerized data, this software potentially could save a tremendous amount of time and money spent on search tasks.

"This is another example of how innovative private companies can leverage taxpayers' money invested in the space program and benefit the way we live and work on Earth," noted Lackner.

For more information about the commercial version of NETMARK, visit:

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