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 Figure 1. River segments and depth of depressions in Flaugergues drainage basin (named after the large Flaugergues crater (16.8S 19.2E) in the upper portion of the catchment). Surface water may have drained from Flaugergues into Schiaparelli Crater through a main channel system. Limited contributing drainage area for deep depressions, which are not likely to have been part of the main channel system are shown in pink. Known impact craters on the surface are shown in white.

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 Figure 2. Vertically exaggerated 3-D image of Flaugergues basin showing extensive dissected terrain in upland regions draining into depressions, and smooth, possibly lakebed features of the depressions.

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Depth and abundance of depressions

Figure 3. Depth and abundance of depressions, many of which are possible ancient lake features on Mars.

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Discontinuous stream network.

Figure 4. Discontinuous stream network. Many stream features feeds from one depression feature into the next on Mars.

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Abundance of lake features

Figure 5. Abundance of lake features in the Great Lakes region, USA, selected as an analog site.

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Discontinuous stream network

Figure 6. Discontinuous stream network which connects to Great Lakes water system and is analogous to the martian stream features in the highlands.

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