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January 25, 2000

Michael Mewhinney

NASA Ames Research Center, Silicon Valley, CA

(Phone: 650/604-3937, 650/604-9000)

Don Hale, Vice President for University Relations

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

(Phone: 412/268-2900)



NASA Ames Research Center Director Dr. Henry McDonald and Carnegie Mellon University President Jared L. Cohon today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a partnership to explore bringing the world-class information technology research and educational expertise of Carnegie Mellon to Silicon Valley.

Ames and Carnegie Mellon will work together to plan future information technology research and development and education partnerships at Ames Research Center's NASA Research Park, according to the terms of the agreement.

"Our goal is to develop a world-class, shared-use R&D campus by partnering with industry, academia and nonprofits in the NASA Research Park," McDonald said. "I am delighted to form this partnership with Carnegie Mellon University to conduct joint research in information technologies and to develop new ideas to improve the region's education infrastructure," he added.

"Developing a presence in Silicon Valley is important to our future as a world-class research university," Cohon said. "This research partnership with Ames at the NASA Research Park is an outstanding opportunity for our university, the Pittsburgh region and the state of Pennsylvania," he said.

"A Carnegie Mellon research presence in computer science at Ames will greatly strengthen NASA's capability to address its long-term needs for smart robots and spacecraft, improved software development methods and large database analysis," said Dr. Jack Hansen, NASA Ames Deputy Director for Research. "Carnegie Mellon, as an onsite research collaborator, will help enable the NASA Research Park to become a truly unique place for industry, academia and federal scientists and engineers to share ideas in new ways," he said.

"In addition to research collaborations with NASA and other NASA Research Park partners, Carnegie Mellon will consider developing a graduate professional development program in information technology (IT) that could help alleviate the shortage of skilled IT professionals experienced by both NASA and the private sector in Silicon Valley," said Carnegie Mellon Vice Provost for Research Duane A. Adams.

"We have planning MOUs with the Lockheed Martin Corporation, University of California at Santa Cruz, Stanford University, San Jose State University and Foothill-DeAnza Community College for R&D collaborations and educational programs at the NASA Research Park," said Ames' Chief of Development and Communication Michael Marlaire. "Carnegie Mellon's reputation in information technology brings greater potential for information technology companies in Silicon Valley to join us in the NASA Research Park."

Ames Research Center is NASA's leader in information technology, astrobiology and aerospace operations systems.

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh is one of the nation's leading private research universities with nationally ranked programs in computer science, engineering, business, science and the liberal and fine arts.



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