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November 4, 1999

Michael Mewhinney

NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA

(Phone: 650/604-3937, 650/604-9000)

Sylvia Hutchinson

San José State University

(Phone: 408/924-1166)



NASA Ames Research Center Director Dr. Henry McDonald and San José State University President Dr. Robert Caret today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a partnership that officials believe will have a major impact on the economic and social development of Silicon Valley.

Ames and San José State University will work together to plan future R&D, technology commercialization and education partnerships at Ames Research Center's NASA Research Park, according to the terms of the agreement.

"Our goal is to develop a world-class, shared-use R&D campus by partnering with industry, academia and nonprofits in the NASA Research Park," McDonald said. "I am delighted to form this partnership with San José State University to conduct joint research in cutting-edge technologies and to develop new ideas to improve the region's education infrastructure," he said.

"Partnerships between business, government and education are going to be absolutely crucial to our future," Caret said. "This partnership is an example of where we are headed in the next century," he said.

"We have planning MOUs with the University of California at Santa Cruz, Stanford University and Foothill-DeAnza Community College for R&D collaborations and educational programs at the NASA Research Park," said Ames' Chief of Development and Communication Michael Marlaire. "San José State University is an outstanding partner in the areas of education and workforce development, technology commercialization, disaster assistance and information technology research," he said.

"The partners will work with local colleges, such as Foothill-DeAnza and the National Hispanic University, to develop the workforce of tomorrow with an emphasis on underrepresented minority groups," said Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, San José State University Associate Vice President. "We will provide hands-on world-class education and training with some of the valley's pre-eminent high technology companies at the NASA Research Park," he said.

Collaborations will include the development of K-12 science, math, engineering and technology programs, development of a teacher institute, and graduate, credential and extended education programs. The agreement envisions developing information technology for disaster research and application, including satellite remote sensing, signal processing and instrumentation. The two organizations will also collaborate in research involving human factors and information science.

Ames Research Center is NASA's leader in information technology, astrobiology and aerospace operations systems.

San José State University is among the state's top 10 organizations receiving monetary awards from NASA, having received $4.6 million in 1996.



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