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Welcome to our New NASA Ames Website!
December 10, 2012

A screen capture of the new look for the Ames home page. A screen capture of the new Ames home page look. If you're familiar with the website for NASA's Ames Research Center, you may have noticed a few new developments on the home page late last week.

Recently, leaders of Ames' five main technical directorates (Programs and Projects, Aeronautics, Engineering, Exploration Technology, and Science) collaborated to identify a few key topics that represent the spectrum of Ames' diversity. It's been a huge challenge to limit ourselves to just a few areas, but together with our Public Affairs Office, which coordinates press releases, web features, photography, video, web, social media and media relations for Ames, we've chosen eleven to highlight. For each, we've created a web page with information about the topic, how Ames works in the field and a few specific examples that showcase our work in that area. These are the areas:

Quite a variety, right? And this is certainly not all we do. For more, you can read our updated overview.

Also new to the site is another set of pages that describe Ames' contributions across NASA's major areas:

We hope you like having access to all of this information in one user-friendly place. Please browse these new pages and use them as a reference for learning more about Ames and NASA in general. If you'd like to comment about the new look or content, please visit our Facebook page and comment on the post about the website. We'd love to hear from you!

Thank you,
Ames Web Team

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