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Interview with with Stuart Rogers on Project Columbia 'Return to Flight' efforts. 11 questions and answers
Interview with John Allmen, program-project manager for 'Return to Flight' support for returning the Space Shuttle back to flight status. 22 questions and answers
Interview with Diane Wooden, astrophysicist about NASA's Deep Impact Mission. 14 questions and answers
Interview with Ernest Fretter and John Balboni, both research engineers about the Ames 'Arc Jet' facilities and their use in returning the Space Shuttle to flight. 16 questions and answers
Interview with Joseph P. Lavelle, a senior research engineer about the Mold Impression Laser Tool (MILT) 18 questions and answers
Interview with Carol Stoker, principal investigator of the Mars Drill field test project 15 questions and answers
Nathalie Cabrol interview about MER missions to Mars 3 questions and answers
Mars Exploration Rover (MER) interview with Jeff Moore, planetary geologist questions and answers
The Space Place with Dr. Marc 8 questions and answers
Hubble Uncovers Smallest Moons Yet Seen Around Uranus 19 questions and answers
David Des Marais, an astrobiologist at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. is interviewed about the 2003 Mars Exploration Rover mission (MER). 15 questions and answers
NASA astrophysicist discusses Stardust Comet sample-return mission, to be first to return samples from outside Earth's moon system. 15 questions and answers
Nematode centrifuge project (worms in space)
(Interview segment with Dr. Catharine Conley)
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