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Scorpion Robot

These audio files and transcripts are related to Silvano Colombano, scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. Dr. Colombano talks about the eight-legged, dog-size Scorpion Robot and its potential future role in space exploration. The interviews took place in June 2003.

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All questions below are linked to broadcast quality as well as on-line audio files

  1. Question One: What is the Scorpion robot? (52 SECONDS)
  2. Question Two: How would the Scorpion robot be used? (1:08 MINUTES)
  3. Question Three: Does the Scorpion robot have a mind of its own? (36 SECONDS)
  4. Question Four: Is the Scorpion robot a prototype? (52 SECONDS)
  5. Question Five: How does the robot move? (1:13 MINUTES)
  6. Question Six: Does the Scorpion robot have eyes, and can it hear? (38 SECONDS).
  7. Question Seven: What will the Scorpion’s mission be? (1:01 MINUTES)
  8. Question Eight: What is the most likely scenario for use of the robot? (1:11 MINUTES)
  9. Question Nine: What are the biggest challenges to the technical team in its effort to improve the Scorpion robot? (59 SECONDS)
  10. Question Ten: How does the development of smaller and smaller computers affect the development of robots? (1:23 MINUTES)
  11. Question Eleven: Will robots play a big part in future exploration of planets and moons? (1:03 MINUTES)
  12. Question Twelve: What are your hopes for the future of robots in space exploration? (50 SECONDS)