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Mars Exploration Rover (MER) missions
with NASA Ames Research Center planetary geologist Jeff Moore

Recorded January 8, 2004, at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif.

All questions below are linked to broadcast quality and other on-line audio files

  1. Question One: What is the main purpose of the MER missions to Mars? (36 SECONDS)
  2. Question Two: How smart are the MER rovers? (32 SECONDS)
  3. Question Three: Please explain some of the sensors on the MER rovers. (26 SECONDS)
  4. Question Four: What are the major MER sensors? (41 SECONDS)
  5. Question Five: What does a spectrometer do? (57 SECONDS)
  6. Question Six:Could we find fossils? (21 SECONDS)
  7. Question Seven: What is Gusev Crater like? (34 SECONDS)
  8. Question Eight:How would you compare lake beds on Earth to the Gusev Crater on Mars? (34 SECONDS)
  9. Question Nine: Why does the Martian soil look muddy where the MER airbags contacted the ground? (1:02 MINUTES)
  10. Question Ten: Please compare the NASA 1976 Viking missions to Mars to the MER missions to the red planet. (1:16 MINUTES)
  11. Question Eleven: Why is it important to look for water on Mars and elsewhere in the solar system? (49 SECONDS)
  12. Question Twelve: If Mars had water for long periods of time what would that mean? (12 SECONDS)
  13. Question Thirteen: Does ---? (-- MINUTES)
  14. Question Fourteen: What ---? (-- MINUTES)
  15. Question Fifteen: Do --? (-- MINUTES)
  16. Question Sixteen: Please --? (-- SECONDS)
  17. Question Seventeen: Do --?(-- MINUTES)
  18. Question Eighteen: Is --? (-- MINUTES)
  19. Question Nineteen: A new ---? (-- MINUTES)