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The Space Place with Dr. Marc
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September 2003 If Jupiter and Saturn are gas giant planets, could you fly straight
through them?
3 minutes and 48 seconds
August 2003 Questions about the moon. 4 minutes and 36 seconds
April 2003 Why can’t airplanes fly into space? 4 minutes and 19 seconds
March 2003 Why is Earth rotating? 3 minutes and 43 seconds
February 2003 If the Sun became a black hole, would Earth get pulled inside? 3 minutes and 22 seconds
November 2002 How do astronomers know the distances between the planets?

5 minutes and 11 seconds

En Español

October 2002 What protected the Apollo astronauts from meteroids while these
astronauts were on the moon?

3 minutes and 56 seconds

En Español

September 2002 Do constellations ever break apart or change? 5 minutes and 3 seconds

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