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L. Jean Palmer-Moloney

Audio transcript of interview with L. Jean Palmer Moloney, a visiting geography professor from the State University of New York, Oneonta, who is leading a satellite-airplane-based effort from NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., to monitor salt evaporation ponds in south San Francisco Bay. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the state of California are restoring many of the ponds to their nearly natural state in one of the nation’s largest reclamation projects. This interview took place in June 2003.

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The questions below are linked to broadcast quality as well as on-line audio files.

  1. Question One: What are you doing at NASA Ames Research Center in California to monitor the reclamation of 15,100 acres of salt evaporation ponds? (26 SECONDS)
  2. Question Two: What do you mean by the term ‘spatial’? (55 SECONDS)
  3. Question Three: What were the salt ponds once used for? (1:19 MINUTES)
  4. Question Four: How will the salt ponds be restored to close to their original state? (1:43 MINUTES)
  5. Question Five: What is your role in the salt pond restoration project? (1:16 MINUTES)