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NASA's Deep Impact Mission
Diane Wooden

Links to broadcast quality audio files and transcripts, June 21, 2005 interviews with Diane Wooden, an astrophysicist at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., about her role in the Deep Impact mission to comet Tempel 1, slated for collision with the comet on July 3, 2005 PDT (July 4, 2005 EDT.)

Image left: Diane Wooden, astrophysicist at NASA Ames Research Center. Image courtesy: NASA.+ View Larger Image

All questions below are linked to broadcast quality and other on-line audio files

1. Q: Could you tell us your position at NASA Ames? (9 SECONDS)

2. Q: Please explain what the Deep Impact Mission to a comet is. (1:39 MINUTES)

3. Q: Please explain the how the spacecraft will record data about the impact of the probe colliding with the comet. (1:31 MINUTES)

4. Q: What is your role during the Deep Impact mission? (2:09 MINUTES)

5. Q: How can you study tiny comet dust particles when they are millions of miles away? (59 SECONDS)

6. Q: Where will you make your observations? (37 SECONDS)

7. Q: How will astronomers combine their data about the Deep Impact mission? (1:07 MINUTES)

8. Q: Why is dust important in the formation of the solar system? (1:03 MINUTES)

9. Q: Please give us some details on the Star Dust mission, which will bring comet material back to Earth in early 2006. (54 SECONDS)

10. Q: What telescope/s will you use to observe Deep Impact? (48 SECONDS)

11. Q: Could people at home see the Tempel 1 comet and Deep Impact results? (55 SECONDS)

12. Q: When will the impact occur? (22 SECONDS)

13. Q: Where can we get more information about the Deep Impact mission? (1:33 MINUTES)

14. Q: Could you give us just a couple of web sites that will include Deep Impact information? (29 SECONDS)