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Mars Drill
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Full Transcript (below)

12. Q: How would people on Earth control the Mars drill? What would they be doing?

Stoker: "Ah, so our team, which is the MARTE team, has been the developers of the different subsystems that are part of this drill. So, this is really a very heavily hardware development team. Um, and the people who will be involved in this field test are the very people who have built these systems. So, they will be trying to get their systems to work all together because each system has worked separately by itself because it's been—these different systems have been built by groups who are all over the country and literally all over the world. So, we have one of the groups that's built hardware is located in Madrid, Spain. Um, the, ah, when we send a system—a drilling system like this to Mars, ah, by the time the drill is operated on Mars, those people who built the hardware are really not very much involved anymore. They are—they're involved through the hardware testing and integration phases. But for the operations, it ends up being a different kind of team of people who really is focused on operating the equipment. So, we will have some of the people, ah, at our field test who are specialists in operations and specialists in developing the software for driving the systems. Um, but they are a very small part of our team, ah, that will be part of this field test. It's really like two people out of like a dozen people." (1:35 MINUTES)