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Interview with with Stuart Rogers on Project Columbia 'Return to Flight' Efforts

June 29, 2005, interview with Stuart Rogers, aerospace engineer at NASA/Ames Research Center, working both in the investigation of STS-107, and recently in the Return to Flight effort

1. Please tell us your name and position. (19 SECONDS)

2. How have you been using a supercomputer called the Columbia in the analysis of the STS 107 accident?(51 SECONDS)

3. Please describe the supercomputing capacity at NASA Ames and how it has been used to help in the investigation of the Shuttle accident and 'return to flight'? (2:58 MINUTES)

4. How would you compare the Columbia supercomputer to home computers? (55 SECONDS)

5. How do you use computer models in your analysis? (43 SECONDS)

6. Does the supercomputer make pictures that you can use to see what the simulation data indicates? (53 SECONDS)

7. Could you describe the debris impacts that occurred with the Shuttle? (1:08 MINUTES)

8. How much Shuttle debris analysis have you done? (54 SECONDS)

9. How has your supercomputer analysis affected the Shuttle 'return to flight' effort? (1:17 MINUTES)

10. Could your supercomputer analysis of the Shuttle help in design of a new NASA space vehicle, the Crew Exploration Vehicle? (59 SECONDS)

11. Is there anything that you'd like to add? (14 SECONDS)