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    The NASA Ames History Office explores ways to make the Center's past relevant to its future. Staffed by historians and archivists, the History Office supports research, writing and oral history projects, and helps with the processing of documents and artifacts.

  • The macon in hangar one at NASA Ames Research Center. Photo Credit: NASA

    Moffett Field History

    In 1933, the United States Government commissioned Sunnyvale Naval Air Station which was later renamed NAS Moffett Field.

  • NASA Ames Research Center History

    NASA Ames Research Center History

    The Center was established in 1939 as the second laboratory of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, and was named for the chair of the NACA, Joseph S. Ames.

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    Aldrich Ames
    Pete Worden
    Ames Iowa
    Joseph S. Ames