Environmental Management Projects and Activities

The Environmental Services Division at NASA Ames is involved in many activities that are making NASA Ames a greener place.


South San Francisco Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project - NASA Ames is acquiring the Northern Channel from Cargill for storm water management and spill control. NASA will grant an easement to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to manage a portion of a levee as part of the 500-mile Bay Trail, and thereby contribute to the public access goals of the interagency Salt Pond Restoration Project. NASA is also a cooperating agency in the Army’s levee study.

salt pond images and map


Voluntary Past Contamination Cleanup - NASA Ames has installed an air sparge curtain to proactively address a portion of groundwater and soil contamination migrating from off-site properties to the southwest onto Ames.

air sparge


Bioremediation - Bioremediation research is underway at NASA Ames to identify the mix of microorganisms and substrates that will most effectively reduce levels of contamination, e.g., solvents, which would otherwise require more than 100 years to remediate using conventional pump and treat technology.

employees assessing bioremediation efforts


Wildlife Habitat Protection - NASA Ames is a member of the Partners-in-Flight, an international partnership sponsored by the Federal government to conserve migratory birds in the Western Hemisphere. NASA Ames is responsible for one of the few remaining populations of burrowing owls in the San Francisco Bay area and is implementing a Management Plan consistent with the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and in furtherance of Partner-in-Flight goals.

burrowing owl


Sustainable Practices - Through the Environmental Services Division, NASA Ames participates in the US Environmental Protection Agency’s National Environmental Performance Track Program, the Federal Network on Sustainability, Sustainable Silicon Valley, and other organizations that share information and collaborate in finding common solutions to such challenges as clean transportation, energy and water conservation, chemical management, and green purchasing. NASA Ames recently received the USEPA’s Federal Electronics Challenge Bronze Award and is actively involved in research on biofuels for application in operations at NASA Ames.

chemical storage


Air Quality Monitoring and Worker Health - NASA Ames has one of the most comprehensive air quality monitoring programs in the Federal government. The data are used to inform decisions on how to demolish or retrofit older buildings and design and operate new buildings to assure a healthy work environment.

air monitoring equipment


EO 13423 Working Group - The Ames Environmental Division is spearheading an internal Executive Order (EO) 13423 Working Group focused on strengthening the Center's environmental management system, including outreach through websites, a variety of forums, and topical fact sheets. Additionally, NASA’s own Code of Federal Regulations Title 14, Part 1216.1: Environmental Quality regulations issued under the Space Act gives NASA authority to do research and development to find solutions for environmental challenges.

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