Energy Management and Conservation Projects

Prototype LED Streetlights - In cooperation with Relume Technologies, we are currently installing ten prototype LED streetlights around our administration building. These streetlights have a life of 10,000 hours and will use 90% less power than the existing streetlights.

LED streetlight


Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights - We've installed five SolarOne LED photovoltaic parking lot lights out front of our Automation Sciences Research building.

parking lot


Rooftop Solar Panels - Two of our buildings have rooftop photovoltaic solar panels. These panels provide over 10 kW of power.

rooftop solar panels


Solar Powered Display Sign - We're working on acquiring and installing a solar-powered photovoltaic display sign that will be placed at the Main Entrance to NASA Ames. The sign will be used to inform employees and visitors about green projects, events, information, and opportunities at NASA Ames.



Golf Course Parking Lot and Pathway Lighting - Plans are underway to install LED lighting in the parking lot and along the pathways of the NASA Exchange Golf Course.

LED light