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Google Green Flight Challenge Exposition, hosted by NASA's Ames Research Center
October 3, 2011 - See amazing 200 MPG aircraft that competed for the NASA Centennial Challenge's $1.65 million prize at the Google Green Flight Challenge Exposition hosted by NASA's Ames Research Center. This free event will include more than 20 exhibits by technology companies innovating in electric propulsion, clean energy and advanced aerodynamics technology. A list of these exhibitors and the schedule of fly-bys of these special aircraft can be found at http://cafefoundation.org/.

The Expo will consist of:
  • Static displays of the aircraft that participated in the Challenge
  • Exhibits of green transportation technology companies, aircraft companies, other green companies, and NASA displays,
  • Fly-bys of participating aircraft
  • Awards ceremony to recognize the winners of the Challenge
Attendees must register in advance online to ensure access to the event area. The day is divided into two-hour time slots, and each slot can accommodate 1000 pre-ticketed attendees. To enter the event area, a driver's license must be shown by each vehicle driver at the Moffett Field main gate.

Free tickets must be reserved online at: http://gfce2011.eventbrite.com/

For more on the 2011 Google Green Flight Challenge: http://cafefoundation.org/v2/gfc_main.php

For more about the NASA Centennial Challenges program: http://www.nasa.gov/offices/oct/early_stage_innovation/centennial_challenges/general_aviation/index.html

For more on the 2011 Google Green Flight Challenge Exposition, hosted by Ames: http://cafefoundation.org/v2/gfc_2011_GFE_main.php