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Yuri's Night Bay Area

    Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008 is:
    • 8,000 people excited about space, art, music, science, and technology gathering at NASA Ames
    • Science and technology demonstrations by NASA and local academic and research groups
    • Space and science-themed art exhibits featuring locally and nationally-known artists
    • Salons, forums, and talks hosted by Bay Area science and technology organizations
    • Live, continuous music, including electronic, world and jazz
    • A celebratory "festival" atmosphere
    • ....all tightly integrated to encourage communities to interact in new ways


    Pete Worden from NASA Ames Image left: Dr. Pete Worden, Ames Center Director, spoke to a group of people at Yuri's Night 2007. Image credit: NASA Ames Research Center / Eric James

    Each year thousands of people worldwide gather on the anniversary of mankind's first venture into space by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961 and the first space shuttle launch on the same day 20 years later. Held simultaneously at 80 locations around the world, Yuri's Night excites people about space exploration, science, technology, and the future of our species.

    In 2007, Yuri's Night Bay Area (YNBA) was held for the first time in Hangar N211 at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif. With over 4,000 participants, it was the largest Yuri's Night to date and brought scientists, artists, and engineers together with Bay Area youths for a truly unique combination of education and celebration.

    Event Overview

    On April 12, 2008, building on last year's incredible success and in conjunction with NASA's 50th anniversary, Yuri's Night Bay Area will grow to 8,000 people in a 12-hour festival and symposium including both daytime and nighttime events lasting from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. This unique event will feature participatory science, space-themed art and technology exhibits, live music and dance, and discussion about science, technology, and the future of our species. The theme for this year's events, "Radical Technology for a Sustainable Future," will encourage participants to reflect on how humans survive in the ultimate resource-starved environment, outer space, and how space technology and research can help us to better prepare for a sustainable future on Earth.

    Participants will join in discussions hosted by local science and technology clubs, learn new skills in hands-on workshops, and engage with the work done at NASA Ames through tours of the facility.

    The hangar and adjoining tarmac will be filled with space and sustainability-inspired art exhibits and interactive technology and science demonstrations, including innovations in robotics, engineering, chemistry, and astronomy, all presented by NASA and Bay Area scientists and engineers. All this will occur in a festival atmosphere feature world-class musical performances, acrobatics, and dance.

    Yuri's Night Bay Area 2008 will bring together a range of communities, including space and science enthusiasts. Silicon Valley professionals, academic researchers, entrepreneurs and the broader community of smart, energetic and creative people who make the Bay Area so vibrant. The daytime events, new in 2008, will offer event collaborators many opportunities to meet and engage the newest generation of scientists and engineers.

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