Educator Resource Center (ERC)

    Welcome to the NASA Ames Educator Resource Center!

    At the Educator Resource Center (ERC), educators can access a wide variety of NASA resources to develop their own educational programs. The facilities and staff at the center will assist educators in gathering ideas, doing research, and duplicating selections from an outstanding collection of audiovisual and printed materials.

    The Ames ERC is located at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California. The Ames ERC serves educators in the western states: Alaska, northern California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. If you are outside of this area, you can access the Educator Resource Center Network to find the NASA ERC serving you.

    Educational Materials

    ERC materials reflect NASA research and technology development in such curriculum areas as: life science, physical science, astronomy, energy, earth resources, environment, mathematics, geography and careers in aerospace. Educators in disciplines other than science and mathematics are also encouraged to visit the ERC and explore ways in which NASA-related materials may be incorporated into their lessons. Materials include:
    • Curriculum materials and lesson plans
    • NASA publications
    • DVD programs
    Curriculum Materials / Lesson Plans
    Educators may review and duplicate lesson plans and curriculum materials related to the NASA while visiting the Ames ERC. The materials are classified by grade level and subject area. A range of curriculum support materials is also available online at the NASA website for educators.

    NASA Publications
    NASA educational publications, lithographs, and posters are available to educators. In addition to NASA publications, the ERC has a selection of other aerospace reference and educational materials. Educators can use these materials to research a variety of aerospace topics. A wide selection of NASA publications are available through NASA website for educators, many of which may be downloaded for free.

    DVD Programs
    NASA produces numerous educational materials on DVD. The Ames ERC does not sell or lend these programs. However, we do maintain a wide selection of over 200 program titles for duplication. Subjects available include: astrobiology, aviation, careers, earth science, geography, history of flight, human space fight, life science, living in space, mathematics, physical science, physics, science & technology and space science. Educators are welcome to make an appointment to preview and/or duplicate these programs. Educators may also purchase programs directly from NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators (CORE) website. Selected video clips are available to be viewed and downloaded online at the NASA multimedia website.

    Duplication details: Equipment is available for educators to preview and duplicate videotapes, CDs and DVDs. Educators must provide their own blank videotapes, CDs and DVDs. Videotape duplication format is 1/2 inch VHS format. To duplicate CDs, please provide a blank CD-R or a CD-RW. To duplicate DVDs, please provide a blank DVD-R or a DVD-RW. Duplication equipment is available by reservation only. Please contact the ERC to arrange usage.

    NASA Central Operation of Resources for Educators

    For a minimal charge, CORE will provide a valuable service to educators unable to visit one of the NASA Educator Resource Centers by making NASA educational materials available through its mail order service.

    Through CORE's distribution network, the public has access to more than 200 video, slide, CD-ROM and DVD programs, chronicling NASA's state-of-the-art research and technology. Through the use of these supplemental curriculum materials, educators can provide students with the latest in aerospace information and also provide a springboard for classroom discussions of life science, physical science, Earth/space science, aerospace research, technology, mathematics, geography, careers, education and history.

    The CORE website is:

    NASA Ames Exploration Encounter

    The NASA Ames Exploration Encounter (AEE) is a free, hands-on, educational field trip located on the NASA Ames base in a decommissioned supersonic wind-tunnel. Students will get to explore four different stations, guided through the experience by our expert docent staff. The field trip is for any 4th-6th grade class (size must be between 16-36 students) and helps meet a wide range of science/math state and national curriculum standards. The field trip takes place Monday through Friday during the school day. There is a morning slot from 9:30 a.m. until approximately noon, and an afternoon slot from 12:30 p.m. to approximately 3 p.m. (NOTE: No afternoon slot on Fridays). Please visit our AEE website for more information and to book a field trip.

    Ames ERC Hours & Directions

    The Ames ERC is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. or by appointment. Appointments are recommended.

    To schedule an appointment please contact Ames ERC coordinator, Thomas Clausen by phone at (650) 604-5544 or by email at

    Driving Directions
    - From Highway 101 North or South, take the Moffett Blvd. exit.
    - Turn right onto Moffett Blvd.
    - Turn left immediately before the main Moffett Field gate, onto R.T. Jones Road.
    - After you turn left, enter the first parking lot on your right.
    - The ERC is located in building N-253, next to the childcare center.

    Directions by Bus
    The NASA Ames Educator Resource Center is accessible using public transportation.
    - Take VTA (Valley Transportation Authority) bus 51-Northbound.
    - Exit at the main Moffett Field gate.
    - Cross the street, onto R.T. Jones Road.
    - Enter the first parking lot on your right.
    - The ERC is located in building N-253, next to the childcare center.