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TechEdSat is a NASA Ames Research Center 1U CubeSat built by San Jose State University Students in partnership with ÅAC Microtec. It's mission is to evaluate Space Plug-and-play Avionics (SPA) designed in Sweden by ÅAC Microtec, and to perform a communications experiment utilizing the Iridium and Orbcomm satellite phone network. TechEdSat will be launched to the International Space Station aboard HTV-3 on 26 June 2012. From there, it will be deployed into Low Earth Orbit using the JAXA J-SSOD deployer, from the JEM.

For more information, please visit http://www.techedsat.com

Download the TechEdSat Bookmark: here

For an overview of the JAXA Small Satellite Orbital Deployer and how TechEdSat will be deployed, please click here

Click here to see a close-up view of the satellites inside the J-SSOD (the TechEdSat is the white square on the bottom deployer)