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Space Technology Program

NASA Ames has projects in each of the 3 divisions that comprise the Space Technology Program (STP) within the Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT). Please click on each division to see descriptions of these projects resident at Ames.

The Early-Stage Innovation (ESI) Division sponsors a range of efforts aimed at advanced concepts and emerging technologies across academia, industry, at the NASA field Centers and other research institutions. The programs are incubators for a multitude of high risk-high payoff ideas that, if successful, will transition for further development in other Early Stage or Game-Changing programs or be adopted into other government or commercial efforts.
Read more about ESI projects at Ames.

The Game Changing Division (GCD) focuses on taking technologies from proof of concept through component testing by investing in specific technology areas through component and subsystem testing. GCD work is done primarily in the laboratory with ground testing instead of space work. Successful technologies will transition to other program such as Technology Demonstration Missions or directly to flight missions.
Read more about GCD projects at Ames.

The Crosscutting Capability Demonstrations (CCD) Division matures space technology to flight readiness status through relevant environment testing, a significant challenge from both a cost and risk perspective. Flight demonstration of a technology is often considered too risky or too costly for a mission. The CCD matures a small number of technologies that are of benefit to multiple customers to flight readiness status, TRL 6 or higher.
Read more about CCD projects at Ames.