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Lightweight Materials & Structures

The Lightweight Materials & Structures (LMS) project has two sub-elements:

  • Analytical Modeling and Damage Tolerance sub-element of the LMS project will develop models capable of predicting global and local stresses and deflections in inflatable structures and demonstrate close correlation between predictive models and experimental results.
  • The Inflatable Structures sub-element of the LMS project will develop design criteria for damage tolerant inflatable structures. Woven materials used as structural components will be evaluated for long-term durability and damage tolerance. Test methodologies will be developed and correlated with validated analysis. The goals of the Inflatable Structures sub-element are to increase habitable volume, minimize mass, improve confidence in structural performance in the space environment, and improve reliability of primary and secondary structure deployment. The outcome will result in efficient designs and confidence in long-term performance with factor-of-safety less than 4 over a 10-year lifetime.