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Emerging Aeronautics Systems and Technologies (EAST)

The goal of the “Emerging Aeronautics Systems and Technologies (EAST)” study is to investigate the advances required to support continued growth of this country’s aviation industry within the scope of NASA and ARC’s research mission.

The following mission concerns will be addressed in EAST:

  1. Airship Controls, Structures and Deployment
  2. General Aviation Electric Airplane Technologies
  3. Test and Imaging Techniques for Unitary Plan Wind Tunnel
  4. Advanced Flight Deck and Tower Operations
  5. High Reliability Aerodynamic Simulations
  6. Air Traffic Management Information Integration
  7. NexGen Technology Transfer to General Aviation
  8. Mission Planning for National Airspace Operations
  9. Hybrid Rocket for Small Satellite Deployment
  10. Volcanic Ash Avoidance

The vision is to realize new systems and technology concepts that meet real-time response requirements and augment human capabilities. The concepts must be capable of interacting correctly, safely, dependably and securely with humans under various environmental conditions. The deliverables expected from the EAST study will be the development of a concept that will be reported in a white paper and presentations at various conferences.

Download the EAST Overview: here