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Center Innovation Fund 2011 Winners
March 6, 2013
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Biologically Inspired Radiation-Reflecting Ablator (BIRRA) for Enabling Entry Descent and Landing Missions to Gas Giant Planets or Radiation-Intensive Environments Sylvia Johnson Link
Collapsible Space Telescope (CST) for Nanosatellite Imaging and Observation Elwood Agasid Link
Computational Modeling of Ablative Materials: Application to Phenolic Pyrolysis John Lawson Link
Encapsulation Technology for Delivery of Medical Therapeutics David Loftus Link
Game Changing Transformable Entry System Technology (TEST) Applicability to Robotic Venus Science Missions Ethiraj Venkatapathy Pending
High Energy Density Additives for Hybrid Fuel Rockets to Improve Performance and Enhance Safety Richard Jaffe Link
Low Cost Mars Sample Return Mission Study Carol Stoker Link
Manipulating the Toughness of Rocks through Electric Potentials Friedemann Freund Link
Mars Micro-Mapping Mineralogical Spectrometer (MµMMS) David Blake Pending
Micro-atmospheric Microwell Plate Technology Michael Flynn Link
Miniaturized Power Processing Unit Study: A Cubesat Electric Propulsion Technology Enabler Shakib Ghassemieh Link
NanoSatellite Thermal Overload Protection System (nSTOPS) Antonio Ricco Link
Novel Photobioreactor Development for Space Applications Leslie Prufert-Bebout Link
Photon-Counting Integrated Circuit (PCIC) Photodetector Arrays Ted Roush Link
Radiation Nose for Monitoring Radiation in Space Missions Meyya Meyyappan Link
Synthetic Biology and Microbial Fuel Cells: Towards Self-Sustaining Life Support Systems John Hogan Link
Synthetic Biology Assemblies for Sustainable Space Exploration Chad Paavola Pending
Synthetic Biology Tool Kit for Manned Missions Outside Low Earth Orbit Lynn Rothschild Link
Woven TPS – A Revolutionary Approach to Tailorable TPS Design & Manufacturing for Thermal Management Systems & Entry, Descent & Landing Systems Don Ellerby Link

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