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Sarah Hovsepian
Sarah HovsepianSarah Hovsepian

Sarah Hovsepian recently joined ASRC Research and Technology Solutions as project engineer for the Advanced Digital Materials and Manufacturing for Space(ADMMS) initiative proposed through NASA Ames Center Chief Technologist.

Previously, Sarah obtained her master's degree in 2012, in the Design and Computation Group, Department of Architecture, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. At MIT,she has worked on projects at the Media Lab, and also at the Center for Bits & Atoms(CBA) under Neil Gershenfeld. At CBA, Sarah worked on a lightweight, high strength composite aircraft wing structure, using advanced manufacturing technologies for reconfigurable, repairable composite assemblies derived from lattice foam structures found in nature. In 2011, Sarah became part of the inaugural class of NASA Space Technology Fellows where she worked on Digital Material Skins for a pressure vessel, focusing on the design and fabrication of overlapping, discrete 2D structures inspired by origami tessellation's. Sarah had the opportunity to continue her research at Marshall Space Flight Center, with access to state-of-the-art facilities to print the digital material skins using additive manufacturing technologies, to mold and cast composite plies, and finally to conduct tests to assess properties of plastic vs composite digital material skins. In 2010, Sarah received her Bachelors in Architecture from a five year NAAB accredited program at California Polytechnic University of Pomona.In 2009, she worked at the Ant Lab in the University of Bristol, United Kingdom, studying self-organization and self-replication in ant colonies as well as ant tunnel structures underground. In 2009, Sarah studied at the University of Applied Sciences, in Biberach, Germany. She has worked at several architecture firms including Frank Gehry's Office as project consultant at Gehry Technologies, and KTGY Inc.