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Volunteer Internship Program
The Volunteer Internship Program made its debut Oct. 1, 2012 and is managed by the Ames Education and Public Outreach Division. The program allows students, who are attending school at least half-time, to volunteer their services to NASA Ames. This program is established using the authority from Title 5 USC subsection 3111. It provides students in high school through graduate school an opportunity for hands-on unpaid work experience with scientists, engineers and project managers on a variety of NASA projects, while meeting educational goals.

· Who’s eligible? (level/requirements/locations)
High school juniors at least 16 years old thru Undergrad/2.5 GPA, U.S. Citizen, Enrolled at least part time, Letter of support from school to participate/Location not of importance

· What kind of work would they do?
STEM related projects

· What kind of hours would they work?
The work schedule depends upon the agreement made between the mentor and the student

· What’s the application process? (where to apply, where opportunities are listed, when applications are open, what info/items are required in the application)
The application process is noted in the Overview (see attached PDF); These documents are posted on the website [http://new2nasa.wikispaces.com/Volunteer+Internship+Program]

· How long opportunities are for?
The length of the project depends upon the agreement made between the mentor and the student. However, most projects have a minimum span of 6 months.

· What are the benefits for the students?
The students benefit from the real-world experience of working with NASA scientists, researchers, and contractors; Community service credit

· Are there opportunities for any kind of school credit?
Most of the students will receive community service and field work credit

· How many are normally accepted?
The program made its debut in October 2012. We have not yet created a module of the acceptance rate, though I can tell you that as long as the student meets the requirements they have a strong advantage over those who do not meet the requirements.

Please contact laura.a.shawnee@nasa.gov at (650) 604-3936 for more information.