LARSS Participant Brandon Haygood
Brandon Haygood

Student Ambassador Brandon Haygood is a participant in the Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Project. Image Credit: NASA

In which NASA student opportunity project did you participate, and how did you get involved in it?

I was involved in the NASA LARSS (Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars) project located at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton, Va. I got involved with the program through word of mouth from a NASA educator who felt that, based upon my major and interest in the future, I should take the opportunity to apply for the internship. I have recently been accepted to Langley's Student Career Experience Program as a co-op student.

Explain the research you conducted through your NASA involvement and why this topic is important.

The project that I was most recently associated with is the NASA Student Employment Management System. The NASA Student Employment Management System essentially is a database that tracks every student who is in our Langley student pipeline. The database's ultimate goal is to have one place to show how many students we have on center at one time and to examine funding availability for each program. Our goals and potential gains and benefits from utilizing the NASA Student Employment Management System are to strategically have the ability to assist in the placement of students in our pipeline and position the students where there is a student need across the center. I currently work in the Office of the Chief Information Officer as an information technician. My current project is the NASA Digital Library, where I gather data calls from all the agency libraries.

What has been the most exciting part of your research?

The most exciting part of my project was getting the opportunity to facilitate my first meeting, with members from various offices centerwide in attendance.

What is your educational background, and what are your future educational plans?

I graduated from Bethel High School in Hampton, Va., in 2005. I am currently attending Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Va., and will be graduating December 2009. Upon obtaining my B.S. degree in management information systems, I hope to continue my education in graduate school and receive my MBA.

What inspired you to choose the education/career field you did?

My passion for technology and computers with an emphasis directed toward learning how things operate within the business arena.

A group of students listens to a lecture

Brandon Haygood attended the STS-127 Pre-Launch Education Forum in June 2009. Image Credit: NASA

What do you think will be the most important things you'll take away from your involvement with NASA?

Most importantly, through my involvement with NASA I will take away the knowledge of managing various programs, as well as learning the importance of being part of a team, and being a valuable member on the team.

How do you think your NASA involvement will affect your future?

I feel that having the opportunity to be involved with NASA will affect my future tremendously. I have gained insight and experience in my area of study that very few people will get the chance to obtain, and I feel this experience will open numerous doors for me in the near future.

What are your future career plans?

My future career plans are to continue working with NASA, and continue to learn and showcase my skills that I have obtained in the areas of computers and business administration.

What advice would you have for other students who are interested in becoming involved with, or working for, NASA?

My advice to those students interested in becoming involved with NASA would be to stress the value of education, and to try their hardest to keep their grades to a high standard to be able to compete against others who are trying to do the same. I would also advise them to learn how to network and talk to others, because you never know what effect you may leave on a person who may be in a position to assist in getting your foot in the NASA pipeline.

How might you expect to contribute as a participant as a NASA Student Ambassador?

I expect to contribute as a NASA Student Ambassador by means of getting people to realize that NASA really has done and is still doing tremendous things, and we are still a vital asset to the country as well as the world. Also, having my position as a NASA Student Ambassador will help me to assist others in getting into various NASA student programs, in the same manner in which I was helped.

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