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11.02.07 - USRA to Lead National Education Internship Project
NASA has selected the Universities Space Research Association of Columbia, Md., to lead the agency's Undergraduate Student Research Project.
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10.24.07 - NASA Offers $2 Million Lunar Lander Competition Prize
The purpose of the lunar lander challenge is to accelerate technology development leading to a commercial vehicle that could one day be capable of ferrying cargo or humans back and forth between lunar orbit and the moon's surface.
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10.01.07 - New Book Chronicles NASA's First 50 Years
As the world remembers the 50th anniversaries of the Space Age in 2007 and NASA in 2008, the historic legacy of the agency is captured in a new and lavishly illustrated book published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., New York, and available Oct. 4.
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09.24.07 - NASA, NSBRI Select 17 Proposals in Space Radiation Research
The crews of future missions to the moon and Mars could face serious health risks from exposure to space radiation.
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09.18.07 - NASA Maps the Moon With Google
New higher-resolution lunar imagery and maps that include NASA multimedia content now are available on the Google Moon Web site.
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08.28.07 - Centennial Challenges to Advance Technologies
From Oct. 19 to 21, more than 20 teams from across the nation and around the world will compete for a total of $1,000,000 from NASA for the development of cutting-edge technologies.
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08.23.07 - Life and Work on the Moon: What Images Come to Mind?
A new NASA contest encourages art and design students to partner with science and engineering departments to create art representative of living and working on the moon.
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08.17.07 - Education Research Program Award Recipients
NASA has awarded more than $17 million to institutions nationwide to help make significant contributions to the research and technology priorities of the agency.
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08.16.07 - Competition Asks Students to Imagine the Future of Aviation
An aeronautics competition for high school and college students during the 2007-2008 academic year asks students to write an essay on, or design, a next generation aircraft that could join the commercial fleet in 2058.
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08.13.07 - NASA Hosts Student-Teacher Conference From Space
Select elementary and middle school students from across the country will have the chance to ask questions during a live conversation with the day's most famous teacher, educator astronaut Barbara R. Morgan.
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08.13.07 - Idaho Educator Makes Long Distance Phone Call From Space
MOFFETT FIELD, Calif. - NASA Astronaut and teacher Barbara R. Morgan, along with crew members Alvin Drew, Dave Williams and Clay Anderson, will make a special telephone call to Idaho students from the International Space Station, more than 200 miles above the Earth. The downlink from the space station is scheduled for Aug. 14, 2007 at 2:09 p.m. PDT.
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08.08.07 - NASA's Shuttle Endeavour Begins Mission to the Space Station
The space shuttle Endeavour and its seven-member crew lifted off at 6:36 p.m. EDT Wednesday from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
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07.24.07 - NASA Announces Next Undersea Exploration Mission
NASA will send three astronauts and a Constellation Program aerospace engineer into the ocean depths off the Florida coast from Aug. 6 to 15, where they will test lunar exploration concepts and a suite of medical objectives for long-duration spaceflight.
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07.19.07 - NASA Launches Interactive Online Tour of the Space Station
The International Space Station is now accessible in cyberspace.
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07.10.07 - NASA Sets Grand Opening July 20 for Restored Saturn V Rocket
NASA's Johnson Space Center will host the grand opening of a restored Houston landmark and national treasure, the immense Saturn V rocket resting at the space center gate, on July 20, 38 years to the day after men first walked on the moon.
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05.30.07 - NASA Updates Aeronautics Research Announcement
The NASA Research Announcement has been amended to seek additional research topics, including topic areas for the Airspace Systems Program's Next Generation Air Transportation System Airportal Project and the Fundamental Aeronautics Program's Supersonics Project.
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05.23.07 - NASA Funds Universities' New Experiments for Suborbital Flights
NASA has selected four universities to conduct suborbital scientific research that is a new step in reinvigorating the agency's sounding rocket science program.
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05.17.07 - 2007 American Geophysical Union Meeting
NASA researchers will present findings on a variety of Earth and space science topics at the 2007 Joint Assembly Meeting of the American Geophysical Union.
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05.10.07 - Back to the Future - NASA Style
What do Captain John Smith and Space Shuttle Commander Rick Sturckow have in common? Or Pocahontas and NASA astronaut Suni Williams? These explorers may be separated by 400 years, but they share the same spirit of adventure and discovery.
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05.09.07 - NASA Selects New Members of Astrobiology Institute
NASA is awarding five-year grants to four research teams that will become new members of the NASA Astrobiology Institute.
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