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An artist's concept of DNA battered by space radiation
11.14.07 - Repair Shops for Broken DNA
NASA-supported scientists have discovered cellular repair shops where DNA broken by space radiation may be put back together again.
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Kevin Jagdipsingh stands beside his poster
11.07.07 - The Real Thing
A Brooklyn, N.Y., teenager conducts genuine science with NASA researchers.
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Rachel Manzer and Susan Moore sit behind a table with a world map on it
10.24.07 - Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom
The best complement to a good formal education is hands-on experience.
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An adult male speaking to two female students as he points to a sheet of paper he is holding in his hands.
10.22.07 - Listening to the Universe
NASA's Radio JOVE astronomy kit lets students assemble and use a radio telescope.
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The Milky Way above a country road in Texas
10.22.07 - The Fantastic Skies of Orphan Stars
Nothing you've ever seen on Earth could prepare you for the fantastic skies of some 'orphan stars.'
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Scott Parazynski wearing a white extravehicular activity suit
10.17.07 - Living His Dream
Scott Parazynski, whose childhood dream was to be an astronaut, is preparing for his fifth spaceflight.
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Undular bore waves over Iowa, Oct. 3, 2007
10.17.07 - Giant Atmospheric Waves Over Iowa
Cameras in Iowa captured a giant atmospheric wave passing over Des Moines.
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10.10.07 - Tones From Deep Space
An ultra-modern probe heading for Pluto is using Sputnik-like tones to communicate with Earth.
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Hunter standing next to her science fair project poster
10.03.07 - Hot Topic
A student receives awards and scholarships using NASA data to research global warming.
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Students standing in a field with a rocket angled on a launch stand
10.03.07 - A First Time for Everything
North Dakota students build and launch the first student-built educational rocket in their state.
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A CME strikes Comet Encke
10.03.07 - The Sun Rips Off a Comet's Tail
Earlier this year, Comet Encke was passing a little too close to the sun and had its tail ripped off.
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Students work on a rocket that is lying horizontally on a launch pad
10.01.07 - Reaching New Heights
University of Alabama in Huntsville takes top honors in the NASA Student Launch Initiative.
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2nd Annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition
09.28.07 - Second Annual 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition
Try answering this question in the form of a podcast: What do you think is NASA's greatest exploration achievement in the past 50 years, and why?
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Picture of the Dawn spacecraft launching
10.01.07 - Voyage to the Giant Asteroids -- Liftoff!
NASA's Dawn spacecraft has left Earth on a mission to explore mysterious, giant asteroids.
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Rob Suggs poses by the new lunar impact telescope
10.01.07 - A New Lunar Impact Observatory
Researchers have built a "lunar impact" observatory, and are sharing the facility with local students.
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Deep Impact strikes Comet Tempel 1
09.26.07 - Blowing a Hole in a Comet: Take 2
The dust has cleared and NASA is returning to examine the hole Deep Impact made.
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Two young men at a computer
09.24.07 - Opening Doors
A NASA intern project is giving students a head start in their careers.
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One of the seven dark openings into cavenrous spaces on the slopes of Arsia Mons
09.24.07 - Cave Skylights Spotted on Mars
Orbiters have spotted 'skylights' apparently leading to cavernous, underground spaces.
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Hinode image of sunspot 10926
09.18.07 - 'Magnetic Trilobite' Sunspot
Hinode has recorded startling images of tempermental sunspot 10926.
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Thumbnail of Mars
09.19.07 - Spring 2008 HiRISE Image Suggestion Challenge
Think you have to be a scientist to contribute to cutting-edge Mars research? Think again!
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