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STS-116 Astronaut Interviews

Mark Polansky
Commander Mark Polansky
Discovery's commander says he never outgrew wanting to be an astronaut.
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William Oefelein
Pilot Bill Oefelein
Discovery's pilot is taking his goals of flying and exploring to new heights.
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Nicholas Patrick
Mission Specialist Nicholas Patrick
On STS-116, he's fulfilling a dream to be a part of going back to the moon.
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Robert Curbeam
Mission Specialist Bob Curbeam
Growing up, he wanted to design spacecraft. Now, he's building one in orbit.
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Christer Fuglesang
Mission Specialist Christer Fuglesang
Sweden's first astronaut hopes to inspire his nation's youth.
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Joan Higginbotham
Mission Specialist Joan Higginbotham
Becoming an astronaut took hard work and dedication, but the effort paid off with STS-116.
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Sunita Williams
Mission Specialist Sunita Williams
With her mission to the space station, she's fulfilling a "far out" childhood dream.
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