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What in the world is Marsapalooza?


Marsapalooza Logo
Marsapalooza Education Initiative
Marsapalooza is part of NASA's Mars 2004 ("M2K4") effort to promote the Mars Exploration Rovers mission and NASA Mars education initiatives. It is a rock concert-style tour -- complete with dynamic lighting, video footage, and its own musical soundtrack -- that features a team of youthful scientists and engineers (the "M-Team") who will visit five cities across the country to raise public literacy about the Mars mission, reach out to students in underserved communities, and present themselves as role models to inspire the next generation of explorers.

The tour is the product of a unique partnership involving NASA, the National Science Foundation, and Passport to Knowledge (P2K), as well as several museums, planetariums, and science centers across the country.

Marsapalooza Information

Marsapalooza and Mars Education Programs
Marsapalooza, designed to imitate a rock concert-style tour, is one of many innovative initiatives created to educate students and the public about Mars.
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Marsapalooza: An Out-of-this-World "Opportunity"
Thanks to Marsapalooza, students from all over the country will learn firsthand that science is cool -- and that Mars rocks!
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NASA's M-Team: Not Your Average "Rock"
The "rock" stars of the Marsapalooza tour are living evidence that these days, the word "scientist" no longer brings to mind the word "geek".
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Mars Rocks with NASA's Marsapalooza Team
Students and the public are invited to meet the M-Team as they travel across the country to promote the Mars Exploration Rovers mission.
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NASA "Rocks" Mars With Launch Of Innovative Educational Tour
Headquarters Press Release: 03-384 - Marsapalooza kicked off on December 2, at 10:30 a.m. EST at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
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Marsapalooza Event Schedule
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