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Meet Lin Chambers
Lin Chambers
Lin Chambers
Lin Chambers
Physical Scientist, Climate and Radiation Studies
Director, CERES S'COOL Project

Although I was trained as an engineer, I now work as an atmospheric scientist at NASA's Langley Research Center who spends a great deal of time on education and outreach. I guess that proves that what you study in college does not set the rest of your life in stone.

My main job is as a member of the CERES science team. CERES, which stands for "Clouds and the Earth's Radiant Energy System," is an instrument onboard NASA satellites. It's used to study the effects clouds have on the Earth's climate. I work mainly in the area of understanding and interpreting the instrument's measurements. This is a very interesting and challenging problem because satellites are looking down at the variable surface of the Earth and don't always identify clouds accurately.

This project is what led me into the education area. In order to get some additional information for our instrument, and to reach out and inform the public about what we are doing, I developed the S'COOL project. S'COOL, which stands for "Students' Cloud Observations On-Line," involves K-12 students in observing and reporting on clouds from the ground while our instruments are observing them from above. Because students are observing clouds against the uniform blue background of the sky, their observations provide a useful complement to what we see from space.

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Written by Lin Chambers
Edited by Dan Stillman, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies