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Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Joseph Acaba
Well, I think teachers know how important their role is. And, I would say almost every teacher I've ever met, they're there because they love the job. And, they realize the importance of the job. And, I think, over time, sometimes it might be a long school year. You may get discouraged where you have a group of kids that didn't really quite get where you wanted them to go. But, I want those teachers to know that it is worth it. I can look back at teachers that I've had that maybe at that time I didn't realize the value of what they were teaching me. But, I do now-as I look back. So, not to be discouraged, to keep working hard with the students. They're our future, and there's just a lot of potential there that they could really develop. And, I'm a little envious, because they're going to be in that classroom; and, although I'll be able to impact a lot larger audience, there is something special about being in the classroom. And, they're in a, a great position, so love every day of it.