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Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Joseph Acaba
It all started with my family, my parents, especially my father. I think, growing up, I didn't appreciate those stern words, the, uh, the kick in the butt that says, "Hey, you need to do a little bit better." And, you know, there was conflict at times. And, and I see it as a teacher, there's conflict with the parent and the student. And, he really encouraged me to work hard and said, "There is a value to it." And, now as I look back and reflect, I just, I can't thank him enough for doing that. Just letting me know how important it is to get that education, and how, you know, how important it is to actually work very, very hard. And, when you do that, good things happen. Opportunities arise just like this. And, without those encouraging words, I wouldn't be here.