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Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Joseph Acaba
Well, when I learned how to scuba dive, I was a senior in high school. And, there was a program the school had, a job training program. So, I was able to get certified through that program. And, the thing about scuba diving that I tell people is, when you go under water, it is such an, an unnatural environment for you to be breathing underwater. And, the first time I actually went into the pool and was able to breathe underwater, it was, like, "This is incredible. I can actually do this! I'm in an environment that I normally would not be able to go to." And then, once I went out into the ocean, and, like you said, you see a, you've read things in books, you've seen video. But, when you can go down and you actually see a shark coming towards you or you see a manna ray just so graceful in the water, it is a totally different experience, and it's very moving and very rewarding.