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Astronaut Candidate Interviews - Joseph Acaba
It, that's, as a teacher, that is the moment you look for when the kids actually, like you said, a light bulb goes on and they go, "This is cool. Now I get this." And, I think one of the most exciting things is I teach math and science. And, a lot of times in science class I'll be teaching math and they'll go, "What are we doing math? This isn't math class." And, I try to explain that math is the language of science. And so, when we learn a concept in the math class and then we use it, let's say, in physics and we're using algebra in physics, and they go, "Well, now I understand why we did that." And, to me, that was, that was special when you could really tie in math, which is a subject that most kids find difficult, and tie that into the science area. And, very fulfilling when you actually do that and the kids get it.