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Resources for the Segment: "Spacesuits"
Resources for Educators

Bending Under Pressure -- Through this activity, students compare the pressurized spacesuit to a balloon. They learn that to make the spacesuit arms bendable, external joints must be added to the spacesuit arms. Spacesuits: Potato Astronaut -- This is an activity on page 133 of the educator's guide Lunar Nautics: Designing a Mission to Live and Work on the Moon. By studying the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, students understand the functions of the spacecraft and its instruments and can identify spacecraft technology with human functions.

Micrometeoroids and Space Debris -- Students learn the effects of micrometeoroids and space debris by simulations with a "pea shooter" and learn how the velocity of the impactor determines the penetration. Keeping Your Cool -- In this activity, students investigate and experience the way the watercooling system in the Extravehicular Mobility Units functions and cools the astronauts.
Suited for Spacewalking Educator Guide -- This guide provides activities for students to help them to learn about spacesuits, the space environment and the technologies developed to protect astronauts. The guide includes a history of spacewalking, NASA's current spacesuit, glossary of terms, suggested readings and NASA educational resources.

NASA eClips™ Innovative Real World Learning Video Clip -- NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments that help students see real-world connections. Cooling Off Educator Guide -- Students are introduced to the challenges of maintaining temperatures while living in space. Thinking and acting like scientists and engineers, students experiment to learn how to measure the specific heat capacity (or simply, specific heat) of water and then design an improved cooling system like those used in spacesuits.

NASA Education Spacesuits and Spacewalks Website -- Engage your students in the wonders of space as they learn about spacesuits and spacewalks by using this website.

Resources for Students

Interactive Spacesuit Experience -- Learn about spacesuits and look at all the different parts of a spacesuit.

NASA Spacesuits -- Learn how spacesuits protect astronauts and explore all the different NASA spacesuits from the earliest to the ones used today.

Evolution of the NASA Spacesuit -- See pictures of the evolution of the spacesuit used by NASA astronauts.

NASA Brain Bites Videos -- See NASA Brain Bites video and learn a bunch of cool stuff, such as: The Best Dressed Astronaut Storybook -- Listen to the instructions, follow along, and learn all about spacesuits.

Dress Me for Space -- Select a friend and dress them for space in this interactive game.