Jupiter's Mysteries

Version artistica de la nave espacial Juno de la NASA

NASA is sending a mission to the gas giant Jupiter to answer some gigantic questions.

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Science and the MSL

Concepcion del artista del Laboratorio Cientifico de Marte con el brazo extendido

Looking for life on Mars requires a lot of special instruments. Learn about the science aboard Curiosity.

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Cometa helado NEAT

Did you know that comets may have brought the building blocks of life to our planet?

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Solar System Exploration -- What Comes Next?

    Do you think we already know everything about our solar system? Think again. We've barely scratched the surface of what there is to learn. Join NASA as it sends missions to the far ends of the solar system, and become an interplanetary detective!
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Background Information

    To mark an unprecedented flurry of exploration, NASA announced that this year is "The Year of the Solar System."

    "During YSS, we'll see triple the (usual) number of launches, flybys and orbital insertions," says Jim Green, Director of Planetary Science at NASA headquarters. "There hasn't been anything quite like it in the history of the Space Age."

    Naturally, it's a Martian year.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • 'Lo que no sabemos', pintado por Caitlin, de 5° grado

    Share Your Vision of Space Exploration!  →

    Draw a planet. Design a robot to explore that planet. Use crayons, pencils, paint or a computer. We're interested in original artwork from explorers of all ages. Let your imagination run wild. Scan your art work and submit it!