Engineering of the MSL

Concepcion del artista de la grua espacial con el robot del Laboratorio Cientifico de Marte

The biggest, "baddest," newest Mars rover is the Mars Science Laboratory. Follow along and learn how NASA engineered this very curious rover.

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Imagen de una erupcion solar tomada por el observatorio espacial SOHO

What is radiation? Learn what it is and the dangers of space radiation.

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Solar System Exploration

Montaje artistico de mundos y objetos en nuestro sistema solar

Do you think we already know everything about our solar system? Think again!

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Science and the Mars Science Laboratory

    NASA's newest Mars rover is, the Mars Science Laboratory or Curiosity. It is ready to roam the Red Planet with the biggest and most advanced set of science instruments ever! Follow the curious rover as it searches for life on Mars!
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Background Information

    NASA's next Mars rover will land at the foot of a layered mountain inside the planet's Gale Crater.

    The car-sized Mars Science Laboratory, or Curiosity, launched from Florida on Nov. 26, 2011, and is scheduled to land in August 2012.

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Opportunities and Activities

  • Imagine el logo de Marte

    Imagine Mars!  →

    Do you want to design the first settlement of humans on Mars and work with NASA scientists and engineers? Then join the Imagine Mars Project!