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Resources for the segment: "NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations -- NEEMO"
Resources for Educators

NEEMO Home Page -- Find background information and links to all NEEMO missions, as well as multimedia collected through different missions and information on the latest project.

NEEMO 14 Fact Sheet -- This document presents information about NEEMO and Aquarius with information on the latest project, NEEMO 14, its objectives and list of studies performed.

NEEMO 14 Videos on NASAanalogTV Channel -- Find videos introducing NEEMO and Aquarius as well as videos showing life under the sea.

NASA's Analog Missions -- The Exploration Systems Mission Directorate is performing field tests or analogs to ensure that future missions to the moon, Mars and beyond are safe, sustainable and affordable. Learn about current and past analog missions.

NEEMO Personnel Interview -- NEEMO 6 Mission Specialist Tara Ruttley talks about the selection process, her role and experiences during the project.

NASA eClips™ Real World Video Clip -- Analog Testing in Extreme Environments -- NASA eClips™ are short, relevant educational video segments that inspire and engage students by helping them see real-world connections.

Resources for Students

How Do You Live in an Undersea Laboratory? -- At NASAanalogTV Channel you will find videos of NEEMO 14. You will be able to see the undersea lab and even learn what happens when an aquanaut opens a soda can!

NASAanalogTV Channel -- Watch videos on the NASAanalogTV Channel about the different field tests or analogs that the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate is performing, such as Desert RATS and NEEMO.

Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of NEEMO 12 -- See training pictures of NASA astronaut José Hernández and the rest of the NEEMO 12 crew.

Behind-the-Scenes Pictures of NEEMO 14 -- See pictures of the most recent project, NEEMO 14, and watch how astronauts train under the ocean!