Science on the ISS

El experimento del Sistema Portatil de Prueba y Desarrollo de Aplicaciones de Laboratorio en un Microprocesador a bordo de la estacion espacial

Over 600 experiments have been performed on the space station. Check some of them out!

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Semillas de salicomia para el proyecto de biocombustibles

Biofuels reduce our carbon footprint, but they could also be used in long-term human habitation and exploration.

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Detective Scientist

Monsi Roman y Coral Blanche mostrando los elementos que se utilizan para analizar los microbios

NASA has many detectives looking for clues to solve a mystery, like "science detective" Monsi Roman. She is making sure the water and air on board the International Space Station are safe for the astronauts who live there.

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    Think small. No, smaller than that -- think Nano small! Shrunk down to the "nanoscale," you would see the atoms that everything is made from AND be able move them around. Nanotech scientists make amazing new devices by moving atoms and molecules around.
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Background Information

    When it comes to taking the next "giant leap" in space exploration, NASA is thinking small -- really small.

    In laboratories around the country, NASA is supporting the burgeoning science of nanotechnology.

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