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Resources for the segment: "Moonbase Alpha"
Resources for Educators

Moonbase Alpha Overview -- This is an overview of the game “Moonbase Alpha.”

“Design A Lunar Base” -- Lunar Nautics: Designing a Mission to Live and Work on the Moon -- The Lunar Nautics Educator Guide has 40 activities. Students assume roles of workers at Lunar Nautics Space Systems Inc., a fictional aerospace company specializing in mission management, lunar habitat and exploration design, and scientific research.

NASA eClips™ Educator Guide: NASA Launchpad Lunar Habitats -- Home on the Moon -- Using this educator guide, students first learn about the design of lunar habitats and then, as teams, explore the mathematical relationships between length, area and volume by exploring the volume of cubes.

Lunar Outpost Design Challenge -- Look at a class design for a lunar outpost.

Resources for Students

Download “Moonbase Alpha” Game -- Play the “Moonbase Alpha” game!

Moonbase Alpha Overview -- This is an overview of the game “Moonbase Alpha.”

NASA eClips™ Video Clips About Weather And Climate -- These are short videos that talk about living in space.

Build A Moon Habitat Activity -- NASA wants to send humans back to the moon! NASA's Exploration Technology Development Program is working on everything that will be needed to make the moon a place where a crew of astronauts can live for months. You can be a moon explorer, too. Practice by building your own moon habitat. Pretend you are an astronaut working with your teammates on the moon to build your new home.